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9:30 am    Contemporary Service
11:00 am  Traditional Service 

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A Bit about Our Youth Ministry


What we're about: Discipleship

     We want our kids to become disciples of Jesus! That means:

  • We want each student to have a personal faith. We want them to get to know Jesus, build a relationship with Jesus, and discover the comfort and direction that Jesus offers.

  • We hope to usher students into a life-long commitment to following Jesus. That includes helping them learn how their Christian faith can and should shape their values, relationships, and choices.

  • We desire to see each student find ways to serve God in their everyday life. We believe our youth can reflect God’s goodness right where they are—at home, at school, and in their community.

    And, of course, we want to have fun and build relationships while we do the above!


What we do (click the links, or use individual tabs for more info)

  • Sunday School (9:30 every Sunday morning for all students)

  • igNite (Junior high Youth Group; most first and third Wednesday evenings)


How we communicate with parents and kids:

  • Parents
    We try to keep parents in the loop in two ways. First, and most importantly, is this site. We've revised everything, and we'll keep it up do date. You'll be able to find your answers here! Second, we'll be sending out regular emails to highlight upcoming events, and changes in the calendar.

  • Youth
    We use texting to keep in touch with kids, and try to text reminders of events to those who attend regularly (e.g., if your child comes to igNite, we'll add them to the igNite texting list). We collect cell numbers from the kids themselves, but we'd love parent help in getting numbers as well. If you'd like your child to get reminders, please contact us! (We use these numbers exclusively for notifying kids of events; numbers are not shared with anyone else.)

One more thing: If YOU would like the text reminder, please let me know what list you'd like to be on (igNite, EDGE, JH Special Events, Senior High Special Events). Be aware: the text will be written as if you are one of the kids!


Who to contact for more information

  • Chuck Guth (Minister of Discipleship)
    cguth@tvpchurch.org; cell: 847-800-7119

  • Ellen Westel (Youth Elder)







EDGE (Senior High = 9th-12th grade)

EDGE: Every Sunday (well, almost every Sunday) at 7:00 pm our Senior High students get together for a great time of fun, food, fellowship, and Bible study. We start at 7:00 (in Fellowship Hall) and go till 8:30. We do have an optional extra half-hour for any students who want to stay to play dodge ball in Westminster Hall. Click here the EDGE calendar.

Other Upcoming Senior High Events:

  • Bowling: Sunday, November 11 (in place of our regular EDGE);
    bring $10 and meet at church at 6:00 (and we'll be back at 8:30)
  • Friday Night Live: Friday, November 23, 7:00 - 9:00 pm
  • Christmas Party: Sunday, December 16, during normal EDGE time;
    bring a white elephant present

Ignite Logo--SMALL

Ignite- Junior High- 6th-8th grade

Junior High Sunday School: Come and join us every Sunday from 9:30-10:30 pm in Fellowship Hall for a spectacular walk through the Bible. 

igNITE: Join us for igNITE at 7:00 pm on the first and third Wednesday evenings of the month. We will play games, get to know Jesus better, and have a great mid-week break to focus on God.

Other Junior High Events: For more information, or to know more about weekly Junior High events, please join the weekly parent email chain by emailing villagechurchyouthministry@gmail.com