Fall & Winter Schedule: 
9:30 am    Contemporary Service
11:00 am  Traditional Service 

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What's Impact Week?

It's three evenings of food, service, and fun for all students (junior and senior high), and it starts Wednesday, June 14. We'll gather for a pizza supper at 5:30; at 5:50 we'll leave the church to do a service project for a couple hours; at 8:30 we'll be back to the church to either go home, or for some concentrated fun.

  • Wednesday night it will be the guy's turn with Ultimate Man Night (done at 10:30 pm).
  • Thursday night it will be the girls' turn with Chick-Flicks, Crafts, and Chocolate (done at 10:30 pm).
  • Friday night we're going to the Van Patten Woods Youth Campground (Lake County Forest Preserve) for some outdoor/night games and a campfire (pick up at church, at 11:30 pm).

What are the service projects?

On Wednesday and Friday evening we will be helping the Northbrook Historical Society with final cleanup of their new facility on Church Street (our church before we built our current building!), and helping to move supplies from their current offices into the new building. On Thursday, we'll be helping at Northfield Food Pantry.

So how do I sign up?

Go here!  http://tinyurl.com/y73d5rw8