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Welcome to the Village Church Pastor Nominating Committe Webpage

The Village Church Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) has been hard at work since March in answering God's call to serve the Village Church and call a new senior pastor. The PNC represents a diverse mix of members of our congregation and we are honored and excited to be called to serve the Village Church on this search committee. 

Our focus in approaching this significant task has been to meet weekly and get to know one another, complete an initial PNC training and use the Mission Study report as our main guide in answering our Ministry Information Form (MIF). The MIF provides a narrative picture of the mission and ministry of our congregation. In short, it is the Village Church's resume and will help prospective pastors discern whether God is calling them to serve at our church. 

Please visit our PNC webpage to receive updates on our progress, view our PNC timeline and checklist, and learn about ways you can help. 

We want to thank everyone for their constant prayers. If you have questions, we hope you will reach out to any of the PNC members.


                       Blessings!                                                PNC group photo_crop

                       Wai Cheung
                       Cathy Gregory
                       Randi Handzel
                      Jeremy King
                      Bill McDowell
                      Elise Myers
                      Carolyn Nyren
                      Andy Roane
                     Roger Smith, Chair