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John and Joy Haspels - Nairobi, Kenya: Africa Inland Mission (AIM)

With his engineering background, John supports the missionary community in and around Nairobi with a wide variety of project assistance including the construction of a high school outside Lokichogio, Kenya, and outreach to the Turkana tribe.

Millie Webster – Mozambique: Africa Evangelical Fellowship

Millie has a vision for outreach evangelism among the unreached peoples of Niassa Province. Her personal goal is to grow in delight of the Lord so that His light and love will radiate as she builds relationships and shares the love of Christ both with those who know Him and those who are yet living in darkness, fear, and bondage. Her ministry goal is for national churches to send their own missionaries, supported and encouraged by their local churches. Through seminars, storytelling, and modeling friendship evangelism, she trusts others will be encouraged to reach out beyond the 'church' and share what God has done for them.


Paul and Carol Suzuki - Tokyo, Japan: SEND International

Ministering in Japan since 1994, Paul and Carol work with high school students in partnership with a national youth organization called Hi-b.a. Japan in entrusting the gospel of Jesus Christ to young people and training them to do the same for others. They are involved in camps, evangelistic events, weekly meetings, and discipleship groups. Currently, Paul is the Director for SEND Japan and Carol is working with young Japanese moms.


Bible Society of Egypt - Cairo, Egypt: General Director, Ramez Atallah

As the largest Arabic Bible publishing operation in the world, The Bible Society of Egypt exists to make the Scriptures available and accessible to all, at an affordable price, in a language people can understand, and in a way that can help each one comprehend the message and effectively apply it. Publishing the Scripture in a variety of formats and media (print, audio, visual), each product is designed for a particular social, economic, age, and cultural interest group. The operation is trans-denominational and the BSE is considered the Bible publisher for all the churches of Egypt.

Kasr El Dobara - Cairo, Egypt: Synod of the Nile

Five blocks from the Nile River, Kasr El Dobara Evangelical Church is the largest Protestant church in the Arab world with over 8,000 members. Their vision is built in part on the blessing of Egypt found in Isaiah 19:25, "Blessed is Egypt, My people," as well as the prophecy found in Habakkuk, "because the earth is filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea." Their goal is to see a nationwide revival in which people come into a permanent relationship with Jesus Christ. The basic ministerial focuses of this great church have been: prayer, unity, discipleship, submission to the Holy Spirit and mission.


Manes and Lociana Barthelemy, Tabarre, Haiti, Eglise Independente de Dieu and Myosotis School

Haitian Pastor Manes leads a church in the former Displaced Persons Camp Tabarre/Issa.  He leads worship services, Bible studies, and prayer meetings.  His wife Lociana is the head of Myosotis School, a growing early elementary school for this population.  

Haiti newsletter for November 2018
Haiti newsletter for October 2018
Haiti newsletter for August 2018

List of items needed - please contribute and help the children in Haiti. 

 David and Patricia Carwell, Mission Aviation Fellowship, Haiti

David is a pilot with Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) in Haiti.  He is also the manager of the MAF pilots, mechanics, support staff, and volunteers.  MAF flies teams, supplies, and medical emergency cases throughout Haiti.

*See an update on our Mission Trip to Haiti in November/December 2017.

Pablo and Jan Feliciano; Chiapas, Mexico; Hebron USA

Hebron USA exists to share the love of Jesus Christ by walking hand-in-hand in cross-cultural partnerships and by serving and supporting the servants of the people in Southern Mexico. For a number of years they have facilitated a number of trips to the Chiapas region to minister to the Tzeltal people, and one of their major projects currently involves the building of a medical clinic in that region.

Todd Luke; Xpujil, Mexico; Outreach Foundation

Todd and his wife, Maria, help the people of Xpujil, Mexico through the Yucatan Water Harvest Mission which is a Christian self-help and microloan ministry powered by indigenous Chol Presbyterians of the southern Yucatan, where the local church builds cisterns for families throughout the community.


Dan McNerney - Winnetka, IL: Presbyterian Frontier Fellowship

Rev. Dan McNerney is an associate director for the Presbyterian Frontier Fellowship (PFF), a validated mission support group of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church USA. PFF exists to help our denomination develop frontier mission projects around the world to unreached people groups. As one of PFF's associate directors, Dan's areas of concentration are Latin America, the Middle East, and parts of Europe. When not overseas working with frontier partners and missionaries, Dan travels throughout the United States mobilizing Presbyterian prayers, people, and resources into nearly 100 PFF projects.

Scott and Tracey Moffet - Orlando, FL: CRU (Campus Crusade for Christ)

Scott and Tracey have worked for a number of years in Turkey through Campus Crusade for Christ, International, and are currently working at CRU headquarters in Orlando.