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Every year, 8th grade students undergo the Confirmation process at The Village Church. Confirmation fulfills the vows of infant baptism and begins a life-long commitment to follow Jesus Christ as an adult.

We all grow up adopting the faith and worldview of the people around us, but Confirmation provides an in-depth look at the Christian faith and aims at helping students make an informed decision to make their faith their own. The Village Church welcomes all students in 8th grade, regardless of faith, church, or denominational background to join in the Confirmation experience, to encounter the Christian faith first hand, and to be informed for what it means to be a life-long Christian.


Requirements and Signing Up

The Confirmation process begins every year in August and will go until Easter. Students are mandated to attend Sunday School, participate in Confirmation specific small groups, attend 2 Confirmation Retreats up at Lake Geneva, and serve the local community throughout the year.

Here's more information:

If you have further questions please contact Dr. Chuck Guth, Minister of Discipleship at chuckguth@gmail.com.