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Top Ten Scriptures - Spring Sermon Series

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Top 10 lists are everywhere, and we can’t get enough of them. We have Top 10 lists for dogs, cats, ice cream, places to live, schools, work place environments, churches and even preachers. Maybe the original list of the Ten Commandments sparked our fascination, but now it’s a part of our culture, and it’s not going anywhere. I like reading Top 10 lists, and my guess is that you do as well. These lists help us see the most important aspects of an item. They help us focus on the essentials rather than getting caught up in the minors.
    Over the course of the next ten weeks, we are going to look at a Top 10 list of Scriptures from the Bible. First, a disclaimer of sorts. I do not presume that these are the only Scriptures we need to pay attention to for life. As Paul said in Acts 20:27, we need to preach and listen to the whole counsel of God. However, as we start together in ministry, I keep coming back to my Top 10 favorites.
     As we begin this next season of life embodying and extending the life and ministry of Jesus Christ at the Village Church, I’m convinced this initial Top 10 list will help us chart our course for diving deeper into our faith over the years. I can’t wait to explore these transformational Scriptures with you, and see how they will lead us toward a missional life in Christ.
    The new series begins today with a look at “Top Ten Scriptures—The Song We Sing” from Philippians 2:1-11. Please join us!

 Top Ten Scriptures - Pastor Spencer’s spring sermon series begins April 8.
April 8     Top Ten Scriptures - The Song We Sing                    Philippians 2:1-11
April 15   Top Ten Scriptures - Good News                                     Mark 1:14-15
April 23   Top Ten Scriptures - It all Began in a Garden           Genesis 1:1, 26-31
April 29   Top Ten Scriptures - The Law of God                            Exodus 20:1-21
May 6       Top Ten Scriptures - The Basics                                       Mark 12:28-34
May 13    Top Ten Scriptures - Christian Love                               I Corinthians 12:1-13
May 20    Top Ten Scriptures - Power for Daily Living            Acts 2:1-13
May 27    Top Ten Scriptures - Christian Community             Acts 2:42-47
June 3      Top Ten Scriptures - Fruit that Doesn’t Go Bad      Galatians 4:16-22
June 10   Top Ten Scriptures - Our Mission                               Matthew 28:15-20