Session opened a small section of the church for groups of 10 or less to meet beginning June 1. Worship services will continue online at 9:30 am and 11:00 am via live stream here. Contact us here.

Worship Schedule
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11:00am  Traditional


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Our Current Series:
Finding God in the Psalms

Tough times lead to tough questions. “Why is this happening?” “How long is this going to last?” And most of all, “Where is God in all of this?” We’re not alone in asking these questions. The authors of the psalms were raising exactly the same questions over 3,000 years ago as they, too, faced tough times.

As we read the psalms we discover that the answers to those ancient questions were grounded in who God is, and what God is like. We read about God’s love; we read about God’s mercy; we read about God’s faithfulness, his compassion, his wisdom, and justice, and omnipotence, and omniscience—and so much more. And as the people of Israel were reminded of the character of God, they found that understanding gave them peace. I believe the understanding they found can give us peace in our times, as well.

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Week 10 (May 31)
Week 9 (May 24)
Week 8 (May 17)
Week 7 (May 10: Happy Mothers' Day, Mothers!)
Week 6 (May 3)
Week 5 (April 26)
Week 4 (April 19)
Week 3 (Easter Sunday, April 12)
Week 2 (Sunday, April 5) 
Week 1 (Sunday, March 29)