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Ten Things You Don't Know About LinkedIn

linkedin logoA seminar titled “Ten Things You Don’t Know About LinkedIn” will be held at TVPC from 9:00 to 12:00 on September 26. The presenter is a well-known blogger, expert and LinkedIn analyst. He will present tools to help you use this valuable asset more productively in your job search.

This event is sponsored by the Deacon Board’s Congregational Needs Committee  For more information, contact Ted Collison,Career Resources head,at ekcollison@collisonltd.com.


Senior Club Kickoff

School is about to begin again, and so is the Senior Club. On September 24th, Sharon and Fred Moore will join us for the 10th time to sing, tell jokes, and entertain us.

We used to think anyone over 55 was a senior. Now anyone who wants to have fun, enjoy a delicious lunch and a program is invited. All for only $4.00. It doesn’t hurt if you’re 60, 70 or even 90.

Please RSVP to Mary Blanchard, 847-564-2391.


Resume Review

resumeOn Thursday evening, October 15, 2015, the TVPC Deacon Board will host a Resume Review from 7:00-9:00 pm. Six Human Resources, Search or Career Counselors will give your resume personal attention and provide suggestions for improvement. 

For more information, contact Ted Collison, Career Resources Head,at ekcollison@collisonltd.com

Sponsored by the Congregational Needs Committe and the Job and Networking Ministry.